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Growzz enables retailers and consumer goods companies to collaborate digitally on Customer & Category Planning

A Customer & Category Planning process should be customer centric, category focused and collaborative. Trust needs to be built between consumer goods companies and retailers to drive mutual growth.


World Class Customer & Category Planning goes beyond analysing returns on promotions to improve the promotion calendar. It articulates a full Customer & Category Annual Plan aligned to a Multi-Year Customer & Category Strategy that delivers the consumer goods company’s and retailer’s respective overall objectives. It’s the best way of working together, whether or not you have a formal Joint Business Plan (JBP) in your relationship.


Do your people know what different functions need to know to make good decisions in the Customer & Category Planning process? Are plans built and shared in way that supports this? How many versions of the truth exist in PowerPoint, Excel, email, operational systems, and people’s heads? Which growth opportunities have they missed? What risks are they exposing your business to? Do you lose institutional memory when people move on?


Growzz is the platform for World Class Customer & Category Planning. Platforms drive quality, consistency, efficiency, common understanding, collaboration, accountability and trust in business relationships.


Whilst it runs on scan data, there is no initial need to integrate Growzz with internal systems.


Start using Growzz tomorrow to increase revenue up to 10%, improve productivity up to 30%, focus efforts on margin creation and step change customer satisfaction.


Watch the video discussion below between Alasdair James, an experienced retail Chief Merchant / Commercial Officer & CEO, and Aidan Bocci, Co-Founder of Growzz, to learn more about why the consumer goods and retail industry needs a better approach.


Any Retail &
Consumer Goods Business

From supermarkets to e-commerce and food to household goods’ manufacturers


Planning Process

Guided thinking, process steps, valuation tools, publishing



Commercial, marketing, category, store operations, finance, supply chain

Consumer goods companies who use Growzz are determined to help retailers

Growzz provides exceptional support to account teams as they strive to build the best possible Customer & Category Plans and make it easy for retailers to do business with them.

Business impact of Growzz

Growzz is proven to transform revenue growth, step change cross-functional productivity and significantly increase customer satisfaction.


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Revenue Growth



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Functional Productivity



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Customer Satisfaction