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Joint Business Planning
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Growzz enables retailers to digitize Joint Business Planning with consumer goods suppliers

Today’s Joint Business Planning is inefficient, inconsistent and often results in value destruction. Entire process is managed through PowerPoint, Excel, email & conversations. Inconsistent data & calculations, corrupted Excels, incomplete information, version control, lost file & people capability issues. 1/3 of head office staff time in retailers and suppliers wasted. Often ends in a zero-sum game of 11th hour negotiation.



Growzz digitizes the Joint Business Planning process to liberate time and step change quality of planning and execution.


The first end-to-end SaaS platform for the Joint Business Planning process. Embeds a 100% consistent approach, guides thinking, creates one source of truth and a 100% institutional memory. Standardizes consumer goods suppliers’ customer business planning processes to create coherent, comparable and insight driven plans for the retailer that deliver win:win growth.


Any Retail &
Consumer Goods Business

From supermarkets to e-commerce and food to household goods’ manufacturers


Planning Process

Guided thinking, process steps, valuation tools, publishing



Commercial, marketing, category, store operations, finance, supply chain

Consumer goods companies who use Growzz are determined to help retailers

Growzz provides exceptional support to account teams as they strive to build the best possible Joint Business Plans and make it easy for retailers to do business with them.

Business impact of Growzz

Growzz is proven to transform revenue growth, step change cross-functional productivity and significantly increase customer satisfaction.


Annual Above Trend
Revenue Growth



Increase In Cross-
Functional Productivity



Improvement In
Customer Satisfaction