Our History

Growzz Software was born out of a commercial strategy consulting firm that specialized in working 

with consumer goods companies and retailers, Commercial Advantage. 

As you can see in the Commercial Advantage logo below, we made a very clear promise to clients … real results. 

Commercial Advantage was founded on the belief that the most important thing consumer goods companies and retailers need from consulting efforts focused on growth and collaboration is real results that show up in their P&Ls. 


This took us on an unusual journey. We had to move beyond analysis and the creation of reports to running ‘live gigs’, much more like growth turnarounds, where we worked hands-on to deliver outstanding insights, jointly build solutions and make the change actually happen. We invented a consulting model, disciplines and intellectual property that could power real results delivery, rather than just leave people with an interesting but unactionable report. 


Commercial Advantage rapidly became one of the fastest growing private companies in the UK and went on to work with over 100 major consumer goods companies, including 7 of the world’s largest, and almost every major retailer across 40+ different countries. 


Our services delivered billions of dollars of value to our clients, but we were finding it increasingly difficult to scale. We found it very hard to find, hire and develop enough consultants that could bring the unique combination of experience, expertise, presence, and emotional intelligence required to deliver our consulting model. We realized that the only way to fully scale our approach was to productize our offer to reduce its dependence on consultants and enable consumer goods companies and retailers to run their business planning processes powered with our intellectual property. 


We made a bold move. We codified every decision that needs to be made cross-functionally within and between consumer goods companies and retailers that relate to the Joint Business Planning process. We figured out how each one of these decisions relates to all other decisions, to determine their interrelated impact on value creation. We defined the process steps that organizations need to follow to ensure the right decisions are made at the right times. And we defined the inputs and outputs for every process step, to ensure that the processes could be run in a consistent way across the entire consumer goods and retail industry from configurable components. 


Instead of delivering our services through people, we now deliver our services through software. Our software is the industry platform for Joint Business Planning for retailers and consumer goods companies. This is Growzz.